The co-founders of Bodyfornia, Tinno and Lona, have always had a passion for spa and massages, as they firmly believe it is the gateway which the body desires to experience. In 2018, after almost a decade of hard work, practices, and continued education, Bodyfornia was born.

Their vision was to formulate Bodyfornia products with a balanced combinations of natural and organic ingredients for the body and massage, that are harsh-free, vegan and animal friendly. It was designed and operated by practitioners, for practitioners. In partnership with a professional skin-care manufacturer, the  founders managed to combine their passion for innovative products and chemical expertise required to develop and manufacture quality products.

We manufacture and package our skincare products in Chatsworth, CA using only high quality ingredients and cutting edge technology to bring the most effective products on the market to our customers. We use proprietary formulations for high end consumer market at a price that everyone can afford.

Ilona’s fascination with massage and skincare bloomed into an undeniable passion at the very early age. Even before graduating University, Ilona enrolled in the Thai massage certification program, at the best Saint Petersburg’s Massage School. Her constant desire to expand her knowledge base led Ilona to attend several advanced training sessions on Sport and Rehab Massages, Los Angeles, CA., Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Las Vegas, NV and Tibetan Massage, Topanga, CA.

Please do not hesitate to share your ideas or suggestions and contact us for any relevant questions.